Delta Airlines check-in procedures

It appears that Delta Airlines may be enforcing a seldom used rule for passengers checking in for flights.  That is, Delta may require you to present the Credit Card used for the purchase of the airline ticket when checking in.  There have been reports of passengers being denied boarding if they cannot produce the credit card and matching ID used for booking the flight.

Here is the specific rule:

Credit Card Presentation

To safeguard against credit card fraud, the purchaser may have to show us the credit card along with a valid photo ID. The time varies based on the billing address of the credit card or the country of travel. If the purchaser is not traveling, they can show us their credit card and ID at an airport ticket counter or another ticket office location, whichever is most convenient.

It has always been my recommendation to my clients that they travel with the credit card used to purchase the tickets, especially for international travel, this is just a reminder.

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