Spain lodging options

Looking for an interesting lodging option while traveling around Spain?  Try a Parador.

The Spanish Paradores are hotels for luxury accommodation in Castles, Palaces, Fortresses, Convents, Monasteries and other historic buildings. There are also modern hotels, built in traditional style, in areas of outstanding beauty.

Paradores were founded by Alfonso XIII of Spain as a means to promote tourism in Spain, with the first opening in Gredos, Ávila, in 1928.

These hotels can be found from Galicia in the North West through Catalunya to Andalusia in the south of Spain, the Canary Islands and in the Spanish cities in North Africa.

The hotels in the Parador Group were set up by the state to use quality tourism to act as guardian of the national and artistic heritage of Spain and to assist regions with fewer economic resources.

Guests of the Paradors receive the high standards for which the group is renowned at prices which are very reasonable by international standards.

As you can see Parador's are located throughout Spain:

Parador's can be located in historic buildings:

The "Castell de Cardona", a typical Parador, situated in an old castle.

And modern buildings:

One of the modern Paradors, the "Aigua Blava" Parador, overlooking Aigua Blava Bay in the Costa Brava.

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