10 Things Not to Do in Paris

10 Things Not to Do in Paris - #9


Fill Up On Croissants
We all swoon over those flaky golden crescents, and we wouldn't want to deprive you of them. But it would be a big mistake to limit yourself to Paris's best-known pastries and miss out on deluxe confections that aren't as well known, or as easily accessible, across the pond.
Munch On Macaroons
Unlike the dense coconut cookies of the same name in the United States, French macaroons—dainty gems that come in a rainbow of colors and increasingly exotic flavors—consist of two meringuelike cookies bound together by a delicious ganache. A few patisseries, Ladurée in particular (pictured), have been carrying macaroons for ages, but recently these have become the hottest sweet in town, and several top bakers are making their names with novel flavors like cherry amaretto, violet, and white truffle. Debate rages among Parisians over which are the city's best; to decide for yourself, sample rose at Pierre Hermé, caramel with sea salt at Ladurée, and orange-ginger at Gérard Mulot.
My thoughts - why not do both?!  But seriously, the macaroons we had in Paris were fabulous.  The hotel we stayed at, the Le Meurice left some in our room as a welcome gift.  They were so tasty we had to go buy some at the bakery the next day.  I especially liked the espresso and caramel with sea salt.  We found little shops all over Paris selling macaroons, it was the perfect little pick me up while out on a long walk.  Enjoy!
Part 10 on Monday.

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