10 Things Not to Do in Paris

10 Things Not to Do in Paris - #7


Waste Time At The Eiffel Tower
In 2009, 6.6 million people visited the Eiffel Tower and, like lemmings, embarked on the laborious task of reaching the top. After trudging through one labyrinthine line for tickets and re-queuing for the cattle car–like elevators, you'll start to lose faith in the whole endeavor. And just when you think the ordeal is over, there are the lines to get back to terra firma. All that, only to realize that if you're experiencing a view from the tower, you can't actually enjoy the view of it—which is too bad, since it's the defining feature of the Paris skyline.
Enjoy Dinner And A View
An infinitely more civilized approach to the whole Eiffel Tower business is to book a table at Les Ombres , the rooftop restaurant of the Musée du Quai Branly. The restaurant's glass latticework ceiling (like a dragonfly's wing) makes the most of its tall neighbor by enabling diners to feast their eyes on the tower in its gorgeous entirety while dining on French classics such as foie gras, oysters, and grilled steak. The view is at its most magical at night, when the tower glows ethereally and bursts into manic sparkling every hour. At dinner, main courses start at $40, but there are excellent deals to be had at lunchtime ($34–$52 for two to three courses). Or you can just head to the adjoining salon de thé to toast your savvy tourist skills with an alfresco flute of Champagne.
My thoughts - I rarely stand in line for any tourist attraction.  I would prefer to have lunch (it's cheaper) at a nice restaurant with a view of the tower than stand in line for an hour just so I can be crammed onto an observation deck  with 100 other tourists.
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