Vacation and exercise, yes you can!

Think you can't work in some exercise while on vacation?  Think again, here are some activities and the calories burned:

Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Oahu, Hawaii
Calories burned: Up to 1,000 per hour

Sea Kayaking in Scotland
Calories burned: More than 10,000 over six days of activity

Rafting, Biking, and Kayaking in the Rockies
Calories burned: Up to 7,400 over five days

Running and Boxing in New York City
Calories burned: Up to 2,200 per day

Rappelling in Brazil
Calories burned: About 1,000 per day

Walking Village to Village in Japan
Calories burned: Up to 7,500 over 11 days

Cross-Country Skiing in Québec
Calories burned: About 600 per hour

Rock Climbing in Ojai, California
Calories burned: Up to 2,100 in one weekend

Playing Polo in Barbados
Calories burned: About 870 per hour

Playing Tennis in Marrakesh
Calories burned: About 550 per hour

From http://www.concierge.com/

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