London - Day 10

Day 10 was going to be a relaxing day, maybe some shopping and lunch, nothing too crazy the day before we head home.  I had wanted to see Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, so we hopped on the tube and headed towards what we thought was Westminster Abbey.  Well it turned out we were going towards Westminster Cathedral, still a a great old building, but not what I had expected.

We saw this:

Instead of this, oh well..

Next stop Buckingham Palace and a walk through the park and Bond Street for a bit of shopping.  The Palace is big and imposing, I wondered if the Queen was peeking out a window looking down at all the tourists.

Bond Street is split into two sections, Old Bond Street and New Bond Street, both are lined with great shopping, many of the designer stores are located on this street.

After our day of walking we were ready to head back to the hotel for afternoon tea and packing, home tomorrow!

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