The benefits of working with a travel advisor.

You might ask, “Why hire a travel advisor when I can plan my trip on the Internet?” Here are a few of the many reasons that a trusted travel advisor is more important than ever:

  • I represent you!  My job is to advise you of the best properties, tours, cruises, excursions, and services for your particular interests, budget and needs.
  • I make sure the companies I work with are financially secure.
  • I can offer you experiences that you can’t Google .  I bring creativity and imagination as well as experience, knowledge and extensive personal relationships with travel  partners around the world to the planning process.
  • I often receive preferred pricing and availability and can offer you upgrades, special amenities, insider access and VIP status.
  • I work collaboratively.  I am a great listener and work hard to exceed your expectations and to create lasting memories for you and your travel companions.

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