The biggest little secret in Frankfurt, the new Lufthansa Welcome Lounge.

Lufthansa recently opened a new Welcome Lounge for its premium class flyers at the Frankfurt International Airport. On a recent trip I had an opportunity to stop in for a shower and breakfast.

The facility is on two levels; the lower level contains the shower rooms (26), all of which are very tastefully done, great fixtures, lots of water pressure, clean and inviting. After your shower you can pop back upstairs for a bite to eat. There is a small buffet set up with hot and cold breakfast items, a small self-serve bar, and a very hi-tech cappuccino machine.

When you first enter the lounge you sign-up for a shower, and then proceed downstairs where they assign you a specific shower room. When I visited there were only a few other passengers in the lounge and there was no wait for the shower. Reports I have been reading indicate the lounge is not getting a high volume of traffic. The reason for this? I think it is because you must exit security to enter the lounge, it is really designed for passengers terminating in Frankfurt, but if you have the time and are transiting though Frankfurt to another destination you can always re-enter security, just allow extra time for this. I had a four-hour layover so this was no problem.

To get to the lounge exit door B2 of baggage claim in the B Hall, through customs and turn right and it’s about 10 yards straight ahead. By airport exit door B6.

To access the Welcome Lounge you must:

1. Have arrived on a Lufthansa flight, no code shares.

2. The flight needs to have originated outside Europe, LH flight numbers 401 - 799 or LH arrivals from ALG, BEY, CMN, GOJ, KUF, KZN, PEE, SVX, TUN, UFA.

3. You need to have flown in First or Business Class, or you must hold a current LH Miles&More FTL, SEN or HON card if you flew in Economy.

4. Laundry pressing service for First Class, Senator and HON-Circle guests.

5. Smoking room, Sleeping area, phone charging station, Miles&More Printer, Reservations Desk.

6. The lounge is open 05:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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